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Frequently Asked Questions

There is some discomfort involved, however most clients find it quite
tolerable. Our Wax Specialists are quick and thorough and because of our
specialized technique the pain is greatly minimized.

If you are still concerned with pain, all locations sell Dr. Edna’s BareEase cream. This
cream is 4% lidocaine and significantly decreases the sensitivity of the skin
during waxing procedures.

Our salons are held to the top sanitary standards. Each treatment room is
thoroughly sanitized. Our wax specialists never double dip our sticks. You
can be sure that you are receiving a clean service every time you walk into The Wax Strip.

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No, we are a walk in salon only! Stop in at your convenience.

No, absolutely not. We can however tweeze your brows to perfection.

  • Retin-A
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Differin
  • Tazorac
  • Avage
  • Strivectin
  • Renova
  • ProActive
  • Avita
  • Benzoyl Peroxide

All of the above can enhance
skin sensitivity that could lead to lifting of the skin when removing hair.
Please let us know if you use any of these. It is a good idea to refrain from using
these products a few days before your service.

You should wait 3-5 days to get waxed after you have tanned. You should
never get waxed if you are sunburned or even if skin is pink. The very top
layer of skin could “lift” which is painful and can result in scabbing. You
should wait for 48hrs after you have waxed to tan. Waxed skin is more is
more susceptible to burning.

For the safety and privacy of our clients we ask only the client be in the
treatment room with the Wax specialist.

  • Bikini We wax just outside of your underwear line.
  • French Leaves about a 2inch strip all the way down. A little further in than
    the bikini and the backside.
  • Brazilian The whole she-bang, with an option to leave a strip, triangle or
    shape on top.

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Bikini, French and Brazilian
Waxing Packages!

Tahiti Trio


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  • THREE Brazilian Waxes

Coconut Delight


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    • THREE Bikini Waxes

Coconut Trio


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    • THREE French Waxes

There is no reason you cannot get waxed during your pregnancy. We
would prefer you discuss with your Physician, however, before you visit.

For any body waxing service we recommend a full 2 weeks of growth from your last shave or trim.
3 weeks from nair or similar products. Underarms are the exception with only 1.5-2 weeks of growth.

Depending on the area of the body.

  • Facial waxing 2-3 weeks
  • Underarm waxing 2-3 weeks
  • Body/Brazilian waxing 4-6 weeks

It depends on the service, however due to our proprietary speed waxing
technique our Wax Specialist move quickly.

We don’t advise shaving in between waxes. Waxing slows down and
reduces hair growth. Hair also grows much thinner thus making it easier to
remove and less painful when waxed. Shaving just one time in between
will negate all that is gained from waxing and can further irritate follicles
which can cause ingrown hairs.

No, it will actually grow back thinner and softer.

Our prices do not reflect the quantity of hair, but the area that is being
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